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VYROX Smart Home Automation System




Minister Tan Sri Noh Bin Omar says GOOD!
PIKOM chairman and MOL AccessPortal Berhad Founder Ganesh Bangah Kumar says YES!

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The specially designed smart home system for end-users, even layman can install, and kids can do settings. It is 2018 now, everything got an APP for it, only stupid home systems still require professionals to program for you.

VYROX is the only smart home system in Malaysia with mix and match wired and wireless devices to cope with different situations. We can customize from hardware to software for you.

No top-brand award and no best-brand award but still trusted by millions of users worldwide. Malaysia No. 1 ALL-IN-ONE smart home system:

Amazon Echo/Google Home voice controls
Video intercom and access controls
Samsung/Yale Smart Door Lock Controls
Biometric identifications
Face recognition artificial intelligent
On/off/dimming/color lighting control
Sockets/plugs home appliances controls
Infrared IR devices controls
Virtual reality 3D floorplan controls
Intelligent HVAC comfort control
Audio & video equipment automations
IP Camera CCTV with motion alarm
IP Camera CCTV with APP intercom
P Camera CCTV with email alerts
Environmental sensing & monitoring
Guards connected panic button
24/7 connected elders and kids SOS
IoT health measuring and cloud recordings
Motorized auto doors and windows
Motorized auto curtains/blinds/auto-gates
Water jets control

Monitor, Control and Secure your home with VYROX!

Install the APP to your iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets, Android Phones and even your smart watches like iWatch and Samsung Gear. It supports all!

Mix and match over hundreds of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and to design for the features you want!

In the morning when you wake up, the curtain opens automatically, aircond off, light and fan on, your favorite music playing, TV being switched on and turned to the news channel~

When you are away, all light off, surveillance and security system armed. The system standby to make alerts to you and the security guards if your house has any unwelcome visit.

Grant access to your friends and family when they have arrived but you not yet home. Control your autogate and smart door lock.

Get notified when your children reach home safely after school.

Be alerted when your loved one pressed the SOS emergency button.

Get alerted when abnormal human motion detected at night.

Pre-cool the house before reaching home.

Automated lighting control to simulate your are home even away.

Energy saving by monitoring the energy consumption.

One button switch on your TV, IPTV, Audio/Video devices and turned to your favorite channels automatically.

Monitor the security sensors status and environmental sensors with APP.

Check out the CCTV anytime when you miss your home.

Talk to your friends and family using the APP with the video intercom feature.


Trusted by Malaysia top 10 reputable housing developers.

Very affordable price because of technology is for everyone, and it should not be expensive.

DIY installation, even layman can do it. It is a stupid home if it needs professional to program for you.

VYROX is MSC Status awarded by MDEC Malaysia. Our technology is recognized officially.

VYROX is the the only smart home system integrator in Malaysia who capable to customize your smart home from software to hardware.

VYROX is the only smart home engineering consultant who experienced enough to design both wired and wireless integrated smart home systems.

VYROX is the only smart home contractor in Malaysia who experienced in implementing smart home automation system for high-rise condominium projects.

Engineer Patrick: 019-6883338

VYROX Super Smart Home APP for luxury house. Credit to Engineer Peter Teh, Engineer Max Leong and Engineer Yee Joe.


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