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26 & 27 October 2017, (Thurs & Fri), 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur

SBL / HRDF Claimable

Certificate of attendance awarded for those who complete the course


The main laws governing employees in Malaysia are the Employment Act 1955 (EA), Labour Ordinances (Sabah 2004 and Sarawak 2005) (LO) which deal with employment issues and benefits administration; and the Industrial Relations Act 1967 (IRA) which deals with misconduct and dismissals.

All Operational, Line and HR Managers should know all these laws as they are directly involved in their employee management.

In this programme participants will learn about the rights and obligations of employers and employees and how to administer them to employees. They will also learn how to handle indiscipline in their departments and how to conduct the domestic inquiry.

The programme is delivered by a seasoned HR practitioner who has mastered the art of delivering legal programmes in a straight forward non-legal way.

The participants will therefore find it very easy to master the laws in 2 days.

HIGHLIGHT 1: Participants will receive samples of disciplinary communication and documents which participants will find most useful, as they can be used as templates

HIGHLIGHT 2: Participants will go through an experiential workshop on Malaysian Labour Laws

HIGHLIGHT 3: Participants will learn from case laws that will provide guidance to making decisions


· HR Managers & Executives

· HODs

· Operational Line Managers & Executives

· Non-HR Managers & Executives


At the end of the programme, participants are able to:

· Administer entitlements according to law and practice

· Make correct calculations for benefits and entitlements

· Institute proper legal disciplinary procedures

· Sit as chairman or as a member of the Domestic Inquiry Board and make fair decisions as a neutral person


1) Introduction to Malaysian Labour Laws

· Role of the Employment Act 1955 / and LOs 2004 and 2005

· Objectives of Industrial Relations Act 1967

· Type of entitlements under the law

· Protected employees under the law

· Types of employment contracts

2) Approved Working Hours & OT Limits

· Normal working hours & days of work

· OT Rates

· Limit of OT per day and per month

3) Administration of Annual Leave and PH

· Paid annual leave, rest days and unpaid PH

· Unpaid leave

· Forfeiting unutilized annual leave

· Encashment of annual leave & PH

4) Rules on Overtime and Calculations

· Calculation for work on normal hours

· Calculation for work on OT

· Rest day pay

· Sick leave pay

5) Handling Sick Leave Problems

· No of sick leave days

· Conditions for sick leave

· Hospitalised leave

· Panel doctor medical leave

· Non-panel doctor medical leave

6) Administering Maternity Leave

· Maternity Leave entitlement

· Conditions for Maternity Allowance

· Paid and unpaid maternity leave

7) Illegal Deductions from Wages

· Authorised deductions

· Limit on deductions

· Modes of payment

8) Handling Employee Resignation

· Resignations and retirements

· Notice period for resignation

· Calculating short notice

· Last working day and last day of service


· Notice period

· Compensation for retrenchment

· Rules for retrenchment


10)Handling Indiscipline

· What is misconduct?

· Major and minor misconduct

· Issuing cautions and warnings

· Charge sheet

· Suspension letters

11) Conducting the Domestic Inquiry

· Who sits on the panel?

· Rights of employer and employee

· How to carry out the Domestic Inquiry

· Writing the Inquiry Report

12) Decision-making for Indiscipline

· Types of disciplinary action

· Dismissal

· Suspension

13) Case law

· Indiscipline

· Probationers

· Poor performance

· Conflict of interest

· Constructive dismissal


Talks and interactive discussions, case-studies, workshop exercises


Cyril Pagadala has many years of vast real-work experience, in local and multinational companies, in the field of Human Resources Management, Administration and Operations in various industries: banking, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, and publications. He last held the position of Director of Administration and Human Resources. He is now a lecturer and corporate trainer.

He has a BA (English) and MA (Human Resource Management).

In his work experience he has gone through the whole gamut of HRM.

In the management of people he had to be well versed with all aspects of practical law application in the employment, management and termination of employees. He also had to attend to cases of poor performance and misconduct leading to disciplinary action including dismissal.


You can register by completing the enclosed form and faxing it to 03-8066 6152 /

Early bird discount of RM1,272 per person for 2 days – Register by 20 October 2017

Normal fees: RM1,378 per person for 2 days

– SBL claimable (Inclusive of lunch, tea breaks, notes and consultation and GST 6 %)

*Group discount of 10% available (for 3 or more participants from the same company)


Malaysian Export Academy Sdn Bhd
No. 86, Jalan BP 7/8,

Bandar Bukit Puchong,

47120 Puchong, Selangor.

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