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Embark on a gastronomic adventure as you indulge in scrumptious Japanese meals with your family and loved ones at Ryoshi. Ryoshi is nicely-regarded as the first-rate Japanese meals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We take satisfaction in offering a vast range of mouth-watering Japanese foods, ranging from appetizers, salad, sashimi to strong point sushi, ordinary cuisine and just to identify a few. With our numerous menu, you will be certain to find something that pleases every palate and consume to your heart’s content.

Helmed via experienced chefs, we always supply delectably real and the fine Japanese food in KL. In the hope to hold an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine, each and every dish served in Ryoshi is made from the highest great ingredients. In addition to mesmerising diners with a myriad of delicacies, our restaurant exudes an inviting yet blissful ambience. The combo of warmth and elegance makes Ryoshi a perfect place for friends and family gatherings.

Whether you are searching for a luxurious Japanese meal or a Japanese buffet, we’ve obtained you covered! All in all, Ryoshi is the top Japanese restaurant that now not only affords the first-class Japanese food in Kuala Lumpur that tantalizes taste buds, however additionally provides an attractive eating experience that will keep diners coming returned for more.

Visit our website now @ or book your table now @ +6010-2020 200.

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